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David's Bio

David Berger's Bio

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David A. Berger, founder of, lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a business development expert and best-selling author, he worked with IBM, NEC, Cisco, ABB, Boyne USA Resorts, Grand Traverse Resorts and others. His university degree in business, language and technology furnishes him with a unique perspective for employing Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® globally.

David in Silicon Valley
Rocking in Silicon Valley

As you can see by browsing, David provides broad leadership in areas other than sales and marketing. Case in point, he self taught himself the principles of Web design and built page after page using only a simple text editor. Many people have commented his online cv is innovative and the best presentation they've seen.

David actively employs the latest technology trends—eFulfillment, Printing-on-demand and Wireless Mobile Marketing.

He's a true problem solver. In the '80s, he operated an electronics repair business from his dorm room. Servicing thirty repair locations around Detroit and running Curtis Mathis' warranty operations, he realized success greatly depended on logistics.

In 1991, David worked for UBE Industries, Japan. With no prior experience in selling heavy machinery, he seized the bull by the horns, taking charge of UBE's North American Marketing Operations and uncovered a record $20 million in new business.

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A year later, David moved to another billion-dollar company, Buhler of Switzerland. After achieving outstanding results running a five-state territory, he was asked to manage Canada as well. David generated record sales, selling experimental manufacturing technologies to General Motors and tier-one suppliers such as CMI. Employing his own solution-selling techniques, he closed million-dollar deals—"selling the invisible."

After three years, as Direct Marketing Strategist for IBM, David developed marketing campaigns for CATIA and Product Data Management groups, targeting IBM's most prestigious customers—Fortune 100 companies. This experience confirmed the validity of his own approaches, encouraging him to write Berger's Guide to Hybrid Direct Marketing.

In 1997, foreseeing the potential of the Internet, David secured as his online brand. He wrote, after two years of research, his best-seller The Cheapest Way to Make Phone Calls, Send Faxes or Use the Internet. His predictions were right on target. Shortly after, he applied for a patent on his eCommerce engine—APSS (Automated Personalized Selling System).

Anticipating the '90s Internet boom, David consulted for Internet startups, some of which were acquired by AppNet, Commerce One and Bowne. He also had a chance to work with SGI, Cisco, 3Com and ABB.

In 2000, David joined NEC in Silicon Valley to incubate Auraline, an eMarketing company, where he developed the "Auraline Engine." By employing this strategy, he closed deals within 30 days of being hired.

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After cashing in on the the Internet boom, David served on Boomerang Mobile Media's advisory board, reporting directly to Glenn Field, Founder and CEO. David provided advice on wireless mobile marketing trends and strategies. Over the past few years, David developed and trademarked his own Always-on Marketing® and Strategic Marketing Outsourcing® brands.

Once again, David realized it was time to explore yet another technology—this time in the medical industry. In 2005, he began learning about Nuclear Medicine and landed a project with, MedImage, a PET/CT Imaging software firm located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And in 2006, he continued to apply his solution-selling skills, helping the Chinese sell heavy machinery in the US and Canada. David had a great year in '07 by signing up customers for his online affiliate partners in record numbers. As usual, he is at the forefront of Internet marketing. Moving into 2013, he continues to excel at helping small to medium-size companies understand how to effectively market in the 21st century — especially in the areas of online social media and promoting a company through video.

David's main hobbies are fishing and photography (view: personal photos ¤ professional photos). He and his wife enjoy walking their rescued beagles.

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