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Internet Marketing

Search Marketing Consulting by David Berger

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Generating 25,000 hits a day

My "organic" search engine marketing techniques ensure my Website appears on Google's and Yahoo's first page — without paying for clicks.

Recently I discovered a Google pay-per-click bid reached $100. View Google report.

My Website averages 250,000 hits a month, and it frequently generates 25,000 hits in a single day.

Well written "Google-friendly" advertising copy with just the right keyword density secures top free search listings and, most importantly, convinces prospects to visit my Website.

I employ the latest algorithm, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), which mimics human sensibilities by identifying Web content containing keywords typed in by searchers as well as Web content employing keywords similar to the key search and related phrases.

Offering lots of fodder for search engines to index is a must: press releases, case studies, white papers, reviews, etc. Hiring a ghost writer is most helpful. By reading the rest of this Webpage, you'll discover a way to acquire free Web content.

Real Results

Escape from pay-per-click mediocrity

One day, I received a phone call from a guy who was paying a thousand dollars a day on Google AdWords (pay-per-click ads). He said that all his efforts had netted him little or no business. And he was worried his competition was quickly gaining Internet market share. When I asked him why he continued along the same unproductive path, he said. "I don't know what else to do." Without an expert to guide him, it's as if he were driving down a road throwing hundred-dollar bills out of the window.

I believe it was Einstein who defined a lunatic as someone who does the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome.

Google Report
 View Google Report

Optimized Click Rates

I was told by a representative from a leading search engine that pay-per-click bids exceed $40 each, and companies spend in excess of $25,000 a day on sponsored ads. In spite of all the bidding wars, I've been able to cut through the clutter and stay ahead of the curve. My experience tells me most people don't optimize their pay-per-click ads—perhaps it's because Webmasters, without any prior experience, are often asked to take charge. Through extensive ad testing, I've been able to generate high-value clicks for just 20¢ each. I know it's possible to generate $95,000 in sales within six days with a budget of about a grand, because I have done it...

The best single day I ever had generated $45,000 in sales with a pay-per-click budget of around $200 — each 20¢ click generated $50+ in sales!

 View report showing 861 clicks at 20 cents each

View ppc report: 861 clicks at 20¢ each

 View PDF report showing $45,000 in sales

View daily sales report, totaling $45,000

You may wish to have me set up real-time reporting, which will allow you to track Internet click-through traffic as it happens. I'm able to slow down specific campaigns immediately if too many hits pour in at once. There's no sense generating Web Inquiries, if you can't follow up in a timely manner. Here's an example of how I employ my mobile phone to track "qualified" leads in real time:

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Cashing In

Creating untraditional revenue streams

Click to view my $9,100 monthly commission check

Anyone or any company claiming to be an expert in search marketing will possess the skills to generate extensive Website traffic and create untraditional revenue streams. For example, I have several Internet Websites that publish affiliate links generating thousands of dollars a month. (An affiliate link is created when someone places a link on his/her Webpage and receives a commission every time a Web surfer clicks through and makes a purchase.)

Here's proof my search marketing concepts work—several affiliate partners of mine have told me that I'm their top performer. Furthermore, some of these companies have employed me as a consultant to develop and test landing Webpages, banners and pay-per-click ads. I believe this experience provides me with unique insights into this evolving industry.

On the Web, it's all about being relevant. By letting companies such as Google decide which ads appear on your site, you may be missing the boat. I found it much more lucrative negotiating direct affiliate agreements rather than employing Google AdSense. I may earn up to $60 per affiliate transaction versus a few pennies on a Google AdSense click through. Why would someone generate a thousand paid clicks a day for $25.00 worth of Google AdSense earnings when he could possibly earn forty times that in affiliate commissions?

As you now know, being a good negotiator is a real plus. I also earn thousands of dollars renting Internet space to companies wanting me to host their content on my Website: case studies, comparison charts, reviews, etc. I never realized how much money companies are willing to pay for online endorsements. It's great having someone create Website content for me, which saves me both time and money. Additionally, I secure co-op marketing dollars to help subsidize my pay-per-click costs.

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I invite you to take advantage of my free consultation by completing a brief survey. For your efforts, I'll review your situation and make recommendations. After we've talked, you can decide whether to engage my marketing consulting services in which I work both on a commission and retainer basis.

Please give me a chance to bring creativity and add value to your team.

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