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Direct Marketing

Always-on Marketing®: A smarter, better way

The more dialog you have with customers, the better chance you'll have at success. My proven Always-on Marketing® methodologies will open doors with both new and existing customers. It will allow your sales team to hit the ground running. In the past, many of my clients weren't ready when the floodgates opened; thus, my strategy now incorporates follow-up practices.

I'll help you achieve double-digit response rates by integrating and synchronizing multiple media and sales channels including direct mail, fax, Website, e-mail, print advertising, public relations, salesforce, channel partners and call centers. Together, we'll test new approaches and do our best to achieve results such as these:

Campaign Elements Industry Average My Highest
25% Response Rate -- Direct Mail Response Rate

45% Response rate -- Fax
(1st contact)
1-2% 22%
Direct Mail .5-2% 25%
E-mail 1-5% 35%
Fax 1-2% 45%
Website Hits 50
Search Marketing 40 Clicks/Day
at $6.50 each
861 Clicks/Day
at 20¢ each

The above chart demonstrates the advantages of employing Always-on Marketing®. Unfortunately, many sales and marketing executives use hit-or-miss approaches to generate leads—trade shows, direct mail, tele-marketing, print advertising, e-mail or fax blitzes. Though their strategies differ widely, CEOs always ask the same question: What else can be done to improve my bottom line?

"David critiques our client's campaigns, providing tremendous value."
- D. Ide, Valassis

With the help of Always-on Marketing®, you can maintain interactive contact with customers throughout the customer's sales life cycle and promote long-term relationships, thus maximizing ROI. My process ensures effective ongoing communication during every stage of the sales cycle...

Always-on Marketing® is based on these basic principles...

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By employing Always-on Marketing®, you will reallocate existing budgets to maximize revenue. Investment is driven by potential return (ie, propensity to buy). Typically 20% of customers generate 80% of revenue, but instead of spending marketing dollars on this segment most executives say, "They already bought, so find us new customers." Experienced marketers know that it's five times more expensive to sell a prospect than an existing customer.

Always-on Marketing® is a highly effective process that...

My hybrid approach to sales and marketing is modular and can be swiftly integrated into existing plans. Current sales processes are reviewed and rebuilt to function more efficiently. Objectives are clearly documented, allowing sales and marketing teams to share information while working toward a common goal—boosting sales.

I'm available on a consulting, part-time or full-time basis to manage a single campaign or your entire marketing department.

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