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Printing on Demand

I'll make your brochures' obsolescence obsolete

Printing-on-demand allows companies to create very effective communications by enabling personalized content, which increases value and response rate. Conventional offset printing, static Websites and broadcast e-mail only create scores of identical copies. Customers demand relevance and ignore canned messages (as users of the World Wide Web have already demonstrated).

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Successful printing-on-demand is dependent on expertise in employing one-to-one direct marketing such as my Always-on Marketing® and technologies to connect dissimilar hardware, software and network systems. In order to meet the growing demands for a secure file-transfer system, new software languages such as XML, PPML, JAVA, SVG and Web DAV have been deployed.

The more efficient the system is at delivering relevant content (in real time), the smaller the information stream can be. Sniffer technology can sense the receiver's viewing and/or printing capabilities and dynamically create image-rich content for transmission across specific communication media (Web, Wireless Web, SMS and e-mail).

The goal is to create an effective content management system, which makes information transportable so it can be viewed and printed in multiple formats. Within the next few months, I'll be rolling out interactive mobile-phone applications including mCoupons, mCatalogs, mSurveys and more.

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While employing Always-on Marketing®, I overcome the obsolescence factor by using printing-on-demand. I now laser print—in seconds—a high-quality portfolio in color, containing brochures, case studies, articles and my newsletter. In addition, it is easy for me to merge database fields and customize printed documents. As stated below, I often use my mobile phone to access my eFulfillment system and send my portfolio electronically, eliminating the need to print and mail altogether.

If given a chance, I can transform your sales letters, brochures, case studies and press releases into clear, concise printing-on-demand documents. With little or no human intervention, new technologies automate data to finished product workflows. This approach brings the same mass customization benefits to print, Web and e-mail that have already been realized in other build-to-order manufacturing areas such as the PC industry. Printing-on-demand eliminates finished-goods inventory.

Direct marketers employing my eFulfillment and collateral management system produce highly relevant communications such as catalogs, brochures, statements and letters. I enable users to build their own brochures—forever transforming ways in which manufacturers interact with dealer networks and individual customers. Once a user selects only the information he/she wants, the completed document instantly emerges, without any human interaction. Digital-print-job ticketing can automate value-added operations such as folding, binding and stapling.

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My print-to-order method allows users to request only the number of brochures as needed. This zero-waste, zero-inventory scenario is a radical improvement in efficiency. It eliminates the familiar sight of thousands of obsolete brochures being discarded.

Transactional documents such as business proposals and insurance policies limited only to relevant information can be rapidly produced, lowering both production and postage costs by doing away with outdated, bulky one-fits-all information packets. Financial institutions not offering individualized customer-friendly transactional statements that support intense graphics will find themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage.

Please take a look below at how I've added printing-on-demand capabilities to my Website. By using my mobile phone, I deliver critical information right to my prospects' desktop, anywhere, anytime. I've found a way to level the playing field and technology gives me the needed edge. Couldn't you use a similar competitive advantage?

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