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E-mail Marketing

The more you use e-mail, the more...

How many times have you heard these familiar words, "I didn't know you did that"? To overcome this problem, I employ Always-on Marketing® which, at preset intervals, automatically e-mails thousands of prospects. My tactics incorporate a, one-click, Website-search interface that instantly links prospects with additional relevant information. Using my Always-on Marketing® campaign ("soft" educational e-mails), I generated over 500,000 hits to my Website, several of which I nurtured into clients.

Always-on Marketing® also helps me find the best deals. To help me prospect for manufactures of wireless Bluetooth adaptors and pen drives, I created a Web-based user interface, making it easy to build an online marketing database. Sending out e-mail was as easy as...

1) click desktop icon
2) enter name
3) hit send
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After consulting several on-line directories of international manufacturers, I identified hundreds of companies with whom I wished to foster relationships. I then had an intern cut and paste names and e-mails into my eFormTM. As the names were entered, the first of a sequence of letters was automatically sent. Subsequent letters were sent at preset intervals, and I located several manufactures in Asia from which I imported—I had developed a simple way to source internationally, almost overnight!

And when I needed new business cards, I used the same approach to check the prices of thirty local printers. I soon discovered my existing printer's price was twice that of his competitors (i.e., $600.00 vs. $300.00). I had similar success using the same technique when I needed hardwood floors installed, too.

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Another creative use of e-mail, eFulfillmentTM, allows my client (with just three mouse clicks) to automate the delivery of a customized letter with selected links to specific information, choosing from over 30 documents. Furthermore, the system launches automated follow-up campaigns at predetermined intervals.

My clients regularly comment on how their customers praise them for sending out 1:1 marketing messages (which I write). If you're planning an e-mail initiative; please consider me, since I possess the technology, writing and relationship-building skills needed to create effective Always-on Marketing® e-mail communication.

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