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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: My secret weapon

The mobile phone began as a high-tech gadget but soon became an indispensable business tool—a Wireless-web mobile interface—permitting seamless access to information 24/7. As companies, often lacking needed expertise, rush to develop Mobile Marketing Campaigns, I'm called in as an advisor. In early 2004, during its initial start-up phase, I was asked to serve as an advisor for Boomerrang Mobile Media.

Replace all this...
Eliminate shipping and postage costs...

...with Mobile Marketing

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Eliminating the need to print, package and mail marketing material, while increasing effectiveness.

In business, if you're not using an Always-on Marketing® approach, customers are lost. Hence, I develop cutting-edge wireless eFulfillment applications allowing me (and my clients), within seconds, to send a 1:1 personalized letter via e-mail with selected links to documents stored online.

Exceeding customers' expectations, using wireless.

I no longer rush through thirty-second sales pitches when meeting new prospects at restaurants or trade shows. Now, I simply ask people for their business cards, explaining that my marketing material will be waiting for them when they arrive back at their offices. After giving prospects time to digest my marketing information, I follow up later in the day.

Streaming video is a snap.

These days, I carry my MS Office files, pictures and even video clips in my pocket, allowing me instant access to important information, anywhere, anytime. I now play my video testimonials and TV interviews right in the palm of my hand. And with just a few taps on my Palm phone, I can browse a catalog, confirm inventory, check pricing and place an order.

Integrating mobile communications into your strategy.

My next-generation Mobile Marketing campaigns permit real-time bidirectional interaction. Mobile Marketing allows companies to keep in touch with customers no matter where they are—home, office or anywhere in between.

Furthermore, I'm developing interactive Mobile Marketing campaigns including mCoupons and mSurveys. The more efficient the system is at delivering relevant content (in real time), the smaller the information stream can be. Sniffer technology senses a mobile phone's viewing capabilities and dynamically creates 1:1 marketing content for transmission across wireless mobile communication channels—SMS, e-mail and Web. I'm convinced Micro Websites will be the wave of the future, because they're simple and effective.

Here's what Paul M, President of Advanced Systems & Designs had to say about Mobile Marketing:

"David enabled me to access my marketing reports 24/7, and I'm notified instantly whenever a qualified prospect submits a Web form. I no longer have to be tied to a desk."

If you know anyone who would benefit by employing Mobile Marketing, let's talk. I can be reached instantly using SMS Text (734) 678-7941 or

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