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Media Relations

Leveraging the Media

Today, with just the push of a button, it's easy to reach thousands of Media outlets instantly, but be wardned—once the Press runs a story, there's no turning back. I've been featured in local and national magizines and newspapers as well as on radio and TV.

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The power of the Press is not to be taken lightly. An experienced PR person understands when to open the Media floodgates and when to hold off. It's often hard to predict what will happen; therefore, sometimes it is best to circulate your story among a select group before broadcasting it.

Whenever I need to share an important story with the public or get a company's attention, I write a compelling Press Release. A few years ago, with the help of an effective Media campaign, I was a best-selling author for eleven weeks. Recently, by simply sharing a pre-release draft of a Press Release with Toyota employes, I persuaded the company to admit it made a mistake in selling a car as new when it had been repainted at the factory. In just a few weeks, I convinced Toyota to buy back my $30,000 Solara—a feat not easily accomplished, according to my Consumer Protection attorney. In the end, he didn't charge me a dime, because I did all the work for him!

Please contact me if you feel I can help you promote your company or a worthy cause.

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